Hevard Christopher Smith

Hello and welcome, my name is Hevard Christopher Smith. I am a wireless security professional, specializing in data protection, wireless security audits and RF signals analysis.

Hevard Christopher Smith's Bio:

Hevard Christopher Smith is a wireless security professional, has held positions of trust both overseas and locally in the Cayman Islands. 10 years military experience and 21 years civilian experience, with expertise in the following security technologies for data protection compliance: Wireless Data Encryption Technologies | Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Security | Real Time Fraud Management Systems (Rule Creation & Threshold Tuning) | Vector Signal Analyzers | Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers | Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (Exchange Messaging Engineer) | Extensive past experience as Liaison to Courts and Law Enforcement Agencies

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Hevard Christopher Smith's Interests & Activities:

Hevard Christopher Smith is a Cayman Islands Veteran Association member and enjoys wind surfing, free diving, spectrum analysis, nano drone technology, reading, jazz music, krav maga and running.